MEET MARIA – Professional EOS Implementer™

Maria Baseggio

Working with Maria Baseggio from Sage Insights as Square One’s EOS Implementer has been the driving force on our organizations’ evolution to the next level of success. Maria has the skill and disposition to allow all participants to learn ‘the process’ at their own pace. She guided our team through the experience with education and utilization of the tools available ensuring we understand not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ the EOS system is the pathway to success. Our ability to be a proactive management team, has elevated us to remain vigilant about our core focus, and drives the operation’s goals.

Jill Townsend

Partner, Square One

Maria has helped us to challenge the status quo in our organization and craft our unique strategy for growth. She is accessible, personable, and has a special ability to draw out thoughts and ideas from a team of people that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Working with Maria has definitely been a value-added experience to our organization!

Matthew Rutt

President, LANDCORE Engineering Consultants

My entrepreneurial life began a bit differently from many.  I began my career at a Fortune 500 technology company where I held global leadership roles in various functions – sales, marketing, product management and strategy.  That experience gave me a firm understanding of the pitfalls that can keep companies from realizing their vision and it taught me the importance of communicating throughout the organization – not just among the team I was leading.

I noticed that I was always more interested in leading the way with new growth strategies, products and/or services and in getting cross functional teams to work together to increase revenue rather than staying in the status quo. Someone once called me an “intrapreneur” and it was my wake up call – I realized that my true passion was entrepreneurship.

In 2010, I started my own firm to help small and midsize organizations build and execute their growth strategies by using the experiences I had gained in my leadership roles. I was impressed with how the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) helps entrepreneurs get what they want from their business and wanted to be part of the EOS® community. As a Professional EOS® Implementer, I’m excited to help my customers strengthen and grow their business when implementing EOS® – and it’s great to see them have more fun while doing so.

I also believe in being an active member of my business community. It’s a rewarding experience to serve as Chair of the Governing Body of the ATHENAPowerLink® NAWBO Delaware Valley program, a regional business mentoring program that matches local women business owners with an advisory panel of experts focused on business growth and job creation. I also enjoy serving on the Board of Directors of MEA (MidAtlantic Employers’ Association) and on the Board of Directors of Beacon, a networking organization of executive leaders. During my years as a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), I served on the Board of the Philadelphia Chapter for two years.